Welcome to our website which aims to bring together the three branches of the Roman Catholic Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary (sscc), working in both Ireland and England. Our province/sector is part of a worldwide congregation consisting of priests, brothers, sisters and lay associates. 

Important SSCC Dates in April:     

 April 15th 1935 - Arrival of first Sisters in Bolivia
 April 15th 1889 - Fr. Damien dies in Molokai, Hawaii
 April 15th 1990 - Statues of Fr. Damien & King Kamehameha 1 inaugurated in statuoryhall in Washington Capitol Building
 April 16th 1889 - Burial of Fr. Damien on Molokai, Hawaii
 April 18th 1948 - Consecration of Ubald Lehman (Vicar Apostolic) as Bishop of the Cook Islands.
 April 21st 1889 - First foundation in Spain (Torrelavega)
 April 25th 1935 - Ordination of the 1st priest from Bangka Island, Indonesia. 

Not to be confused with other congregations of a similar name, the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts (plural) was founded in 1800 in Paris, France. Its charism is based on God's unconditional love for every human being, symbolised in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and echoed in the heart of Mary his mother.

In the Irish English Province we have communities in London, Dublin and the borders areas of Cavan/Monaghan involved in pastoral apostolates including parishes, schools, hospice and retreat work. Our sscc sisters are part of a Northern European sector or region and also have connections with France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Marianne Cope

D Play 1One of the best known members of our Congregation is St Damien, known as the leper priest of Molokai who selflessly gave his life to working with the outcasts of his time. He was canonised by Pope Benedict in 2009.  His co-worker, a Franciscan sister named Sr Marianne Cope, was canonised by Pope Benedict in October 2012. 

Today the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts continues to contemplate live and proclaim God's compassionate love in today's society.

January 23rd is the Feastday of Saint Marianne Cope:   Many people know about St. Damien of Molokai, but fewer know about his co-worker in the Hawaiian leper colonies. St. Marianne Cope, pray for us!      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marianne_Cope 

Last night Friday March 27th Fr Michael Ruddy ss.cc. performed as Fr Damien of Molokai, in a one man play of the same name in the Sacred Heart Church, Sruleen, Clondalkin D 22. Congrats to Mike on an excellent and moving performance.  See him in photo at left.

A truly inspiring story of one man’s heroic struggles with faith, disease, authority and the power of Gospel love. With many Lenten & Easter themes, it was an excellent way to prepare for Easter and Holy Week. All proceeds go towards the Sacred Hearts Leprosy Mission in India. The photos show Fr. Michael in his role as Fr. Damien as well as some of those in attendance.   See more photos of Clondalkin Performance here



27 march 2015

Members of the England Area of the Ireland-England Province came together in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Acton on the feast of the Good Father (Our Founder) to celebrate reconciliation and healing in a mass said in memory of Blessed Eustáquio.





Pope Francis 1The Holy Fathers prayer intentions for April:

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