As lay associates, sisters and brothers of the Ireland England Province of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary, we are priviliged to be able to offer you some thoughts and reflections on our Sunday readings.  Many of our lay associates, sisters and brothers have contributed to putting together for the first time, homilies which cover every Sunday of the Liturgical year.  We hope that you will find this service to be of assistance to you in your ministry or just as an opportunity for you to reflect and to pray on the various themes that these reading have to offer us.

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4. Homilies - 6th Sunday in Ordinary time to 2nd Sunday of Lent.  
Each week on a Monday, we will try to post the homily for the following w/e on this Homily Homepage.  (See previous homilies at the bottom of the page)   

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – YEAR A - Fr. Jerry White, sscc

Look at an overview of your life and ask yourself: What do I want? What do I need? What is enough for me? The first Reading is about life and death: life with God; death without Him. Sin can be the difference between Life and Death. Life is there for all, if we give up or deal with our sin.

Wisdom is an attitude that includes maturity and the gift of listening to God. God tells us: ‘the things no eye has seen, no ear has heard.’ Those who are faithful to prayer, and to God, know a maturity and a fulfilment that makes all the difference. If we believe that God loves us, and loves me for sure, with that love comes an experience of the “Depths of God.”

God has the secret of life for us. If you wanted a favour and you were a good friend of the person who had the granting of that favour….who would you ask?

The law of God is a law of freedom. The law of God is contained in the Decalogue or the Ten Commandments. Do not be angry – show respect for all around you. If there is one or two you would not sit beside in Heaven, remember they will not be moved out! If you can see all the people here as God’s special creation, and the possibility of sitting beside them in Heaven! Anger is a boldboy, it hurts the person who is angry much more than the object of the anger.

Respect and inclusion are two words that help. The wisdom of God helps us to know the long-term value of “God’s Way.” God is hard on the Scribes and Pharisees. We as God’s people ought to make others feel welcome and wanted, in all the gatherings of God’s people. It would be good if it could be said of me: ‘It is always great when “she or he” is around.’ Truthfully, it is easier to present myself when I experience a warm welcome. Make up with your brother or sister. Leave your gift at the Altar and go and put your difference aside.

Reconciliation is about how you value all the people in the Community. Relationships - friends, boyfriends, girlfriends – they all belong to God and need to be treated with respect, courtesy and love. The law of God is very clear. There are definitive standards of behaviour for married people, single people and children. There is an obligation on us all in relation to gossip, jokes and general conversation; that we treat all the rules of God with equal dignity and respect. It is a good practice to regularly check my behaviour in regards to all God’s Rules, so that I get reconciliation and/or counsel if I need it. Do not be afraid to say meaningfully “I admit I made a mistake,” and always pray for God’s help. As Pope Francis asks: ‘How different the world would be if we could say three things: ‘Sorry,’ ‘excuse me,’ ‘thank you?’.


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