As lay associates, sisters and brothers of the Ireland England Province of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary, we are priviliged to be able to offer you some thoughts and reflections on our Sunday readings.  Many of our lay associates, sisters and brothers have contributed to putting together for the first time, homilies which cover every Sunday of the Liturgical year.  We hope that you will find this service to be of assistance to you in your ministry or just as an opportunity for you to reflect and to pray on the various themes that these reading have to offer us.

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10. Homilies - 12th to 15th Sundays in Ordinary Time  
Each week on a Monday, we will try to post the homily for the following w/e on this Homily Homepage.  (See previous homilies at the bottom of the page)   

 12th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME - Year A by Mike Curtis

Being a follower of Christ, being a disciple is not always an easy choice. Standing up for what you believe to be right and just, is not necessarily an easy thing to do. So very often it would be far easier to follow the crowd, to go along with the mob and to adopt the current popular consensus.

Doing what is right, it also not always that clear or easy to discern. Things are rarely black and white, so often they are tinged with many other colours, considerations and implications.

In our scripture reading this morning, Jesus uses a phrase that he often uses “Do not be afraid.” He reminds us of his abiding love for us and that he will protect us for all time! He cares about our wellbeing to such an extent that even the hairs on our head have been counted!

Like all of us at this time, I am writing this little reflection during the Corona Pandemic. None of us have ever lived through this kind of situation before, it is unprecedented. I think at this time we are all probably experiencing all sorts of extreme emotions, anxiety, fear, loneliness, frustration and sadness. We are missing and mourning the everyday tenderness and love that we receive from our extended family and friends. The embrace from our family members, and big hugs from our grandchildren, who we now have to socially distance ourselves from. How long will this continue, is the question we all want answered. And yet this seems the one question nobody can answer.

Governments and the Science and Medical experts must now do the right thing! What is their primary responsibility? Surely protecting life and our most vulnerable is the answer! At what point do we let the considerations of world and national economics dictate our decisions. If we do nothing to jump start our economy, what might the implications be for the citizens of the world? In areas of great poverty and deprivation, the situation will inevitably get worse. Big Financial Institutions and Big Business will be lobbying and pressurising Governments to end the lockdown as soon as possible. It will need enlightened and compassionate world leaders to ensure that we “DO THE RIGHT THING”

Do not be afraid, the Lord is speaking through our hearts, in the silence of our daily lives He is leading and guiding us. Our response must be, along with all good people, to stand up for what is right. We must speak for those whose voices have been silenced. We must be the eyes of those who find themselves unnoticed and ignored. Let our actions and steps to establish justice and fairness, be the actions and steps of those unable to move through the barriers of culture and oppression. Above all, we must remind ourselves constantly that we are not alone in the words we speak; we are not alone in drawing attention to the oppressed and downtrodden. The Holy Spirit is with us, guiding and inspiring us. “Do not be afraid!”


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